Kath Moonan and Cyan

Trans Che flyer image

Vive la Trans Revolution!


For this year’s festival, Jason and Serge set a brief to explore graphical styles of previous revolutionary movements and use them to create a Trans Revolutionary visual theme. This included the Transfabulous idea of Che Guevara in radical drag.  The Che image was a collaboration between Cyan, Jason and Serge and myself.  Cyan’s skill of pen and some magic  dust brought the radical Trannie Che of our imaginations to life.

For the programme, we take you from sunny Communist Cuba to the snowy Soviet   Republic playing with the graphics of the early days of the revolution. Creating   these graphics has been an absolute pleasure and we hope you enjoy them too.   Pin them on your fridge, fan yourself with them when the action during the festival   gets too, too hot!

  • It’s 2007 and London is crackling with revolutionary  energy!
  • Vive la Trans Revolution!
  • Change Everything!
  • You are the Trans Revolution!

Kath Moonan

 Kath and Alexa

Kath is a designer, performer and web accessibility lady who believes in glamour for all. She loves geezers, typography and sprinting full speed, in vintage clothing or stage costume, through the corridors connecting Tube platforms.


She recently collaborated with Chopin Gard and Mike Wyeld on an electro tune Super Taster, a synthetic hymn to transmen and butches.  She is currently organising the world’s first ever  Bird Pride walking group for this year’s London Pride. Bird Pride will be marching behind Transfabulous and sharing a fantastic sound system! Come and join the flock on the 30th June!


Bird La Bird on myspace

Bird Pride on myspace

Kath's website (Very out of date tsk! tsk!)



Kath and Alexa

Cyan is an outstandingly talented visual artist, illustrator, animator and   writer. She is very passionate about certain issues and entirely aloof about   others, such as accurate biographies. Arrested only once, she refuses to tell   what for. Cyan’s work has been published internationally and showcased in On   Our Backs and Chroma.

Feast your eyes on Cyan's   beautiful website