Transfabulous was a trans arts organisation established by Serge Nicholson and Jason Barker in 2004 with our first event in 2005. We produced three festivals, hosted a conference, put on parties – A Night of Tall Women and Short Men, Fangstabulous, Transfabagogo etc. performance evenings, a couple of Strictly Bona Ballrooms, talked at various conferences and organised the UK's first marking of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

We worked hard and, like so many amateur events organisers, wore our arses paper thin. We didn't make a concious decision to quit - we just stopped doing it and found other things to take up our time.

Serge, in collaboration with Laura Bridgeman, wrote a play called “There is No Word for It” about the real experiences of transmen. They have also launched a publishing company Hot Pencil Press and their first publication is the text of the play.

Jason has been drawing cartoons and doing some performance here and there. You can keep up with him at

We're keeping this website up for another few years as an archive. For those who were there to have a fond look back and those who weren't to maybe get inspired to do something new. There's been a distinct lack of trans arts festivals round these parts...go on! Make it happen!