Previous Transfabulous Events

Serge and Jason

Although we had been organising the Picnic for Change for a number of years, our first proper Transfabulous event was a fundraising party night in the middle of June 2005.

Not long after that, we were taken on as Associate Artists at Oxford House, Bethnal Green which has become our home ever since.

Transfabulous the Third

Thanks to Alison Henry for taking these marvellous photos of the weekend

  • Friday Night
  • Carnivale Transfabulouso
  • Border F*ckers Cabaret
  • Festival Folks

  • Strictly Bona Ballroom 2

    Strictly Bona Ballroom 2

    Have a look at our gallery of photos by Cleo Leng

    Also, Dr Jane took some wonderful photos on the night. See them here

    and have a look at this terrific set by Christa Holka.

    Do you have any photos of Bona Ballroom that you'd like to share? If so, drop us a line.

    Trans with Pride conference

    check out the website, then download and distribute the report!


    human pinata

    A great night, all captured beautifully on camera by our friend Dr Jane - AbsolutQueer Photography

    Josephine Wilson

    Transfabulous Festival 2007

    Kate Bornstein performing

    What a weekend! Our second year saw the programming team grow to eight, we welcomed international guests Kate Bornstein, Ignacio Rivera and James Green, presented the best of new trans/queer performers, hosted a month-long visual art group show, screened movies, discussed, debated and socialised and yet again we were completely sold out.

    Have a look at the Festival website for more information on the participants.

    Transfabulous Festival 2006

    Joey Hateley

    The first Transfabulous Festival was in June 2006. Featuring visual art, performances, workshops, a party, a symposium and plenty of time to laze around in the park, the festival was a sell-out success.

    Check out some of the particpants of last year's festival.


    Thomas and Josephine

    We've become known for our wild parties, the last one had queues round the block!

    Expect eccentric DJs, flirty waitresses, cheap booze, sweaty dancers, provocative performances and a freindly, mixed crowd (many in aprons, pyjamas or underwear!)

    London Pride 2007

    For the third year running, Transfabulous took part in the Pride march. Here's a little film of the day, made by Jason Barker with some stills by Alexa Lazar.

    Have a look at these galleries of photos from the day -

    Community Events

    Transfabulous at Euro Pride

    Transfabulous is very much a community organisation. All of our events provide a much needed space for our community to get together socially.

    We began with the annual Picnics for Change, raising much needed funds for Press for Change. We've now marked the International Transgender Day of Remembrance for two years running and it's growing bigger each time.

    Our events are known for being friendly - we welcome all trans people, our families and friends.

    Performance Evenings

    The Kitschenettes

    The Chapel Space at Oxford House is the perfect location for our Tea Salon evenings.

    Spoken word, comedy, acoustic music performances, lashings of tea and excellent homemade cakes all go towards making our Tea Salon evenings magical.